How many ways do we have to learn English in our school?

In school we have many ways to learn English or improve our skills.

Exchange programmes have become essential in our school. There are two different ones. First, in 2nd year of ESO there is an exchange programme to study abroad. Some students, mainly boys, are chosen to have the chance to stay with an American family for two weeks. They have a daily routine as if they were American boys, they attend classes, play sports, and  hang out with friends.02- english Later on in 4th grade of ESO the exchange programme is only for girls who are given the opportunity to spend a maximum of two months studying abroad. There is a wide choice of locations such as New York, Seattle or Chicago in the US. Also, other students can be put up by a host family in cities as interesting as Sydney (Australia). In both cases boys and girls learn about other cultures and traditions and, after their stage, all of them receive their foreign “brothers” or “sisters” to share with them the worldwide known hospitality of Barcelona.

Since 2012, our school, has been offering its students a Conversation Assistant Programme for schools. The conversation assistants are native English speakers who are here to help the students increase their confidence in their English skills.

In addition, SCS is a Cambridge English exam centre. This initiative  started last year with excellent results. 61 students took the test and 58 passed!

Finally, our school offers the students the possibility of taking the ‘BATXILLERAT DUAL’ it’s the ‘American Batxillerat’. It’s a virtual school called Somerset Academy that teach you history and English.

In my opinion students should take advantage of the different opportunities that they are given to learn English. I think this school really prepares us for the future by teaching us this language, which is one the most important in the world.

Inés Desvalls